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What it’s Like Living as an Expat in Singapore

What it's Like Living as an Expat in Singapore

Singapore is a very beautiful Southeast Asian State that welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. With the English language being one of its official languages, it is small wonder why lots of people visit this island city-state. In the quest to learn about what it’s like living as an expat in Singapore, intending visitors are always searching the Internet for information.

Some of them are:

Loneliness: Being in unfamiliar territory can be quite intimidating. This is always the case for first-time expats and should not be a cause for concern. The people are accommodating and do speak the English language which is a comfort in itself. The solution is to try settling down as quickly as possible by getting to know your neighbors in addition to getting acquainted with your environment.

Food: Of course, who would not long for homemade food? This is another adjustment that needs to be made by an expat. Naturally, it is expected that Singapore meals are what is on the menu mostly whichever restaurant you walk into. Embracing meals such as Bak Kut Teh which stands for “Meat Bone Tea” among others is the way to go. Plus the fact that their prices are pocket-friendly. Here is a look at the food in Singapore

Language Barrier: In as much as the English language is an official language in Singapore, that does not mean that every native is comfortable with it. You might just find it difficult getting the right answers for this simple reason. This is not forgetting the small matter that your inability to speak their native Malay or Mandarin Chinese will mean missing a chance to learn interesting history from the lips of natives. Getting someone to teach you the language can help a great deal.

Weather: Prepare yourself for the different seasons on offer by Mother Nature. Not everyone finds it easy to adjust to the humidity of this country. Apart from the rainy season, Singapore is mostly sunny. It is good practice to always listen or get the weather forecast.

Making Friends: The natural solution to curing loneliness is to make new friends, right? This may not go as easy as it sounds. For starters, not every expat gets into social circles easily. Then there is the cultural and language barrier to overcome. It is not uncommon to see natives avoid making contact with expats in order to avoid the inconvenience of being unable to communicate effectively.

The barriers listed above do not take away the fun of living in Singapore. In truth, they can be overcome easily with a little effort.